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    Towns/Special Places

    The Mountains and Valleys of Abruzzo are dotted with many towns to visit.  Each will have a special focus, depending on whethe rit is on a 1000 meter hill top, on the sea with a beautiful beach, or in the middle of a lush agricultural valley.  Nowhere I have found has such a varied cllection of things to do, and at great prices.  Abruzzo is a great tourist region, but with very little visitors from the states and farther reaches of Europe. 

    This makes the off seasons outside July and August some of the best vacationing in the world.  Great weather, fewer tourists, and close to the Roman captial for easy transatlantic connections.  Click on any of the highlighted towns for a closer look.  We are adding other towns and more details, so check back often to see what's new.

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    Abruzzo Towns and Special Places