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    Processione del Cristo Morto

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    Friday, April 18, 2014 - 07:00
    L'Aquila: at 19 hours from San Bernardino, "Processione del Cristo Morto" with groups in costume and majestic Miserere chorus throughout the city PROCESSION OF THE DEAD CHRIST - THE EAGLE The Good Friday procession of L'Aquila has origins dating to 1505 and then cease , for reasons of public policy, in 1768. After a long break, in 1954, thanks to the positive contribution of the Friars Minor of the Convent of San Bernardino, and restored the ancient tradition of the Procession of the Dead Christ. The set design and great performance by hundreds of costumed characters parading with the statues , incense burners , statues and torches while singing the Miserere performed by a choral group , accompanied by an orchestra of strings, gives it a Sacred to the dramatic re-enactment . The Simulacra , the symbols and trophies are the Painter of Modern Art Remo Brindisi and give prestige and artistic value to the event. The Choir of the Aquilano Friday ' Holy is composed of all the city's Choral Groups with Flutes and String Orchestra of the Conservatory "A. Cascella " and Middle Schools " D.Alighieri " and " G. Mazzini " L ' Aquila running in the procession " MISERERE " of Selecchy . The route of the procession after the quake is: Basilica of San Bernardino, Via Zara , Castle Gate , Via Pescara Piazza Regina Margherita , 4 Cantoni , Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza Duomo. For information : IAT L'Aquila Tel 086222306 @ iat.aquila - See more at :
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