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    Casalanguida is a comune/town in the Province of Chieti.Historical Background: Casalanguida is situated right close to Gissi, in the countryside of the province of Chieti between the valleys of the rivers Sinello and Osento. The commune was founded in the Middle Ages and became a feud of several noble families, such as the Beomondo, earl of Manoppello. The first documents date back to the 12th century. Successively it was a possession of the Caldora, Matteo of Capua and D’Avalos. Outling Administrative Divisions: Cese, Valloni. Events, Folklore & Religious Feast: 12th March: St. Nicola’s day, 19th March: St Giuseppe’s fair, 7th October: Madonna del Rosario day, 8 th August: St. Donato’s day.
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